I’m Ishar Jay, 30 something IT guy from the island nation Sri Lanka. Currently located in Kandy which is the second largest city in our island. I spent my whole childhood in here, love the mountainous terrain, trees and the fresh green surroundings. I always feel I have born in an area which I wanted to be in. I had many interested things and hobbies but some of hobbies faded away from my life eventually. I don’t know I have a bad habit of getting bored if I do sameĀ for a longer period. So I always try to change the things which I do or I give my attention to something else to avoid that feeling. But there are some things which I never get bored. I love traveling, dual sport adventure biking, photography and rain. yeah, rain! I have an unusual affair with the rain, love the sound of rain, love to spend awake when it rains at midnight, love to see the raindrops falling down. Hehe

I’m interested to learn new things and share new things with others that’s why I have decided to have this website. I don’t have any previous blogging experience or I don’t have any intention to be a pro blogger. I want to share the stories of life and living style of Sri Lanka, so I write, that’s all I want to do in here. šŸ™‚ It may be a slow start in the first but I assureĀ to put my full strength to keep this site moving on. If you wanna know something drop a line here or mail me.





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